Online Snuff Bottle Sale from Private American Collectors

During these times we are still working hard at Bonhams to promote the snuff bottle market. As such I am excited to let you know that we will be holding an online sale of bottles from Private American Collectors. The sale will be online from September 2nd until September the 11th. Some of the bottles in the sale come from the collection of Ed Combatalade, whom I believe was a member of the Society many years ago. The other groups of bottles are all from older private collectors and are all reasonably estimated. There is something for every collector in this sale.

I would like to get the word out to your members and would like to ask if you would put an announcement in the News section of the website? You will see the sale on If you think it is appropriate, would you also consider sending an email blast to the members about the sale, since not everyone uses websites as regularly as we would all like them to. I entirely understand though if you don’t want to be seen to be promoting an auction house.

On a more personal note, we are holding a sale on September 21st in New York as part of Asia Week, entitled “Elegant Embellishments, featuring the RenLu Collection.” This is a small but select auction of 62 lots, of which 50 pieces come from the RenLu Collection, formed by the well-known and beloved designer Robert Kuo of Los Angeles. These are pieces from antiquity and modern representations of classic designs in jewellery and adornments. They are all small objects and jewellery which cover all aspects of design and aesthetic appeal in major eras of Chinese history. There are some very beautiful pieces in gilt bronze and gold from the Tang and Song dynasties onwards. I encourage you to have a look at the catalogue on Bonhams website as I think you will be entranced by some of the pieces, especially the earrings and necklaces. Please let me know if you would like to receive a hard-copy of this catalogue. You can see the e-catalog for this auction now at


Dessa Goddard
Vice President
US Head, Asian Art Group
Senior Specialist, Chinese Art
Global Head, Business Strategy, Chinese Paintings
Director, Hong Kong
US Management group
415 503 3333 direct