San Francisco Bay Area Snuff Bottle Collectors Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area Snuff Bottle Collectors: Our first meeting in this pandemic
year will occur on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 1 P.M. at the Museo Italo
americano, building C, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.
This is a very special meeting! As you know, the 2022 ICSBS convention will be
held in San Francisco from October 25 through October 29, 2022. At this meeting,
bottles from your collections will be selected for exhibition during the convention.
The Selection Committee is made of three persons: Marsha Vargas Handley,
Raymond Lum and a representative of Bonhams Auctioneers.

If you wish to participate, please bring 5-12 bottles from your collection to be considered for
inclusion in the local members’ exhibition.
Please provide the following information for each bottle you bring:
Estimated age or period of the bottle
Any prior venues in which the bottle has been exhibited
Any particular personal comment you may have about the bottle.
Although this is done very early, there are many things to be done in organizing
this convention. The selection process is necessary now as we need the total
number of bottles to be exhibited to properly provide a physical venue for the
I urge all members who wish to participate in this exhibition to attend this
Vince Fausone, Jr.